To understand the true meaning of the Himalayan Sherpa Cuisines, We also have to understand the geographical location and the inhabitant of the region how they live where they live. SHERPA’s a member of distinct ethnic group who had been living in the mountainous regions of northern Nepal for several centuries there are still people who think that Sherpa simply means high altitude porters “How long u have been Sherpa” is the common question they ask, There is no deniable of fact that sherpa had been known to the western world through there remarkable withstanding of high altitude survivability, loyalty and cheerfulness in mountaineering expeditions and trekking, first ascent to the highest mountain in the world was scaled by Sir Edmund Hilary along with Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and other sherpa’s who helped them to there quest as porters.
The geographical location of sherpa residing in Nepal is in the highest part of the Mountain region known as Solukhubu or best know as the Everest Region, Living in one of the harshest conditions they had been surviving in these mountains from ages by coping with the freezing weather with what ever is being provided by there cattle’s and the things that can be grown in these conditions. Sherpa food is limited to crops that are grown in this harshest condition. The Food that is grown in this Region is mostly potatoes, Buckwheat, Barley turnips and greens and dairy products that include butter, yoghurt and Yak cheese. With these limited crops they had been creating there own dishes in past days to name few of them are RIGII KUUR (Potato pancake), SHYAKPA (Mixed Stew), Mo: Mo (Dumplings) and SEN (Thick Porridge) to which these dishes are total alien food to the westerners, After introduction of this region as wonderful tourist destination and the highest mountain in the world situated in this region The Mt. Everest and other Himayalas being the attraction people from around the world began exploring this region
lots of houses are being turned into lodges and restaurants and now u can find the foreign comfort foods and beverages in this region but still u can find sherpa food and taste it in this region our main objective of opening this restaurant here is to open a window to our food culture back in the Himalayas