Sherpa Kitchen Restaurant

Namaste, Tashi Delek and Welcome!

Sherpa Kitchen Restaurant is your local dine out culinary venue in Burlington, Vermont presenting you with a tranquil atmosphere and fine dinning experience with its authentic Nepalese and the Himalayan Sherpa cuisines opening a window to the culture of Himalayan Sherpa and Nepal.
We are dedicated to the Himalayan Sherpa and Nepalese Cuisines SHERPA’S one of the largest ethnic groups residing in the Everest Region. Festivals, Clothes, Tradition and houses are not the only thing that resembles culture, Food is also one of the main characteristics that represents our culture, which we are and what we eat as provided for Ages by the land which the community had established a settlement. We provide an inside guide to the food culture of the famous Sherpa community living in the Everest Region, The Food that are grown in this Region are mostly potatoes, Buckwheat, Barley turnips and greens and dairy products which includes butter, yoghurt and Yak cheese, Sherpa food is limited to crops that are grown in this harshest condition so the dish also includes Tsampa(roasted barley flour) and some Nepali food such as rice, lentil and greens. Living in one of the harshest conditions they had been surviving in these mountains from ages by coping with the freezing weather with what ever is being provided by there cattle’s and the things that can be grown in these conditions. Time had changed since through that period with the growing numbers of foreigners visiting this Region to be at the foothills of one of the greatest and highest Mountain in the World “THE MT EVEREST” now in this region u will find familiar foreign foods. As time and tourism industry had been progressing at a fast pace, the Sherpa community had benefited greatly on the economic sides.
We are so much delighted to represent the Himalayan Sherpa and Nepali food from the Eastern part of the Himalayas to the west with our best effort to fulfill the gastronomic quest for the Himalayan Sherpa and Nepalese cuisines with our prompt and courteous service.